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Personal Insolvency Reaches Record Annual Levels in WA and NT in 2018

Personal insolvencies rose by 5.6% in the 2018 financial year, compared to 2017.  The highest ever annual levels of insolvency were recorded in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. This information is available on the AFSA website in their Annual Statistics section.

Debt Consolidation – is it a trap?

Did you know that debt consolidation can be a trap?  Why?  Because you may  be in debt for longer, end up paying more and you may be only treating the symptom of your debt – not the cause.

Bankrupts slugged with a new Government Fee

If you file for bankruptcy you will now have to pay $120 to the government. This is a new fee introduced by the government to cover the costs of administering bankrupts.

How to Declare Bankruptcy and Start Afresh.

Is the stress of being in debt getting you down? Are you tired of the harassing phone calls. Let me show you how to declare bankruptcy and start your new life. It May Not Be Right for You! The first thing I should say is that bankruptcy might not be the best option for you. […]

Free Booklet on How to Deal With Debt Collectors

Dealing with debt collectors can be stressful. It is important to know how to deal with them because you must avoid mistakes that prove costly later. Knowing how to deal with debt collectors “levels the playing field” and takes some of the pressure off. The booklet is free, so get your copy now… When you […]

You Don’t Have To Put Up With Financial Hardship

You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it could be for you to recover from financial hardship. Let me explain how we can help you get your life back from debt… We all Experience It We all experience financial hardship at some time in our lives. Often it is brought about by some unexpected change, […]

How You Can Be Debt Free With Personal Bankruptcy

You know that living with debt is hard. There comes a time when you just want to get back to the good life you used to have. Let me show you how you can be free of debt in three to four years… If this is your situation, then we can make a real difference for you… […]

How To Go Bankrupt in Australia And Live a Happy Life

  Is debt ruining your life? For many people, making the decision to go bankrupt is an important step in taking back their lives. It may be a good step for you, depending on your personal circumstances Depending on your situation, there’s normally two options: Get an expert to negotiate a debt agreement with your […]

How can bankruptcy solve your debt problem?

Note: The contents of this article relate to the US Bankruptcy system. Bankruptcy helps in the process of discharging your unsecured debts. But there are few debts like child maintenance, alimony, tax debts and secured loans are not easy to eradicate even after filing bankruptcy. What are the debts that can be eliminated after filing […]

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

Bankruptcy Act 1966 If you or someone you know is facing bankruptcy then it pays to know the law that will govern the process. In Australia the law that governs bankruptcy and insolvency is the Bankruptcy Act 1996. An Overview of the Bankruptcy Law Bankruptcy is a process that occurs when a debtor is not able to […]