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How a Debt Agreement Could Help You Be Free of Debt

Is this your situation?

• Your debt is out of control and you are unable to prevent it from getting worse,
• You are worried that you will lose your home, car or other assets, and
• You are feeling stressed from the burden of growing debt.

If this describes your situation, then you may qualify for a Part 9 Debt Agreement.

What is a Debt Agreement?

Instead of declaring bankruptcy we may be able to negotiate a debt agreement with your creditors.

One of the differences with a debt consolidation solution is that you will not have to take out another loan. You will simply make one payment each month as negotiated in your agreement.

Having only one monthly payment each month can make life simple.

What are the Benefits?

By negotiating an agreement you will avoid bankruptcy and could have all your debts paid off in as little as 3 years. You can also prevent repossession of your assets and stop any legal action against you.
• No more interest charges which immediately stops things getting worse than they already are,
• No more calls from angry creditors and debt collectors which takes the pressure off you and your family, and
• One simple monthly repayment which makes it easy for you to manage your bills each month.


Entering into a debt agreement is an act of bankruptcy has some very important consequences, including a record on your credit history and notes in the NPII. Please contact us to make sure you understand the consequences and whether a debt agreement is the right option for you.

“Thank you so very much for all you have done to give us our lives back.  The rest of the years can only get better now and my doctor is happy to see me in “less stress”. Carol, QLD

Do you Qualify?

Debt agreements are typically available to you if your income and debt levels meet certain thresholds. We can advise the amounts at the time you talk to us.

What You Should Do Now…

To achieve the best results, we recommend that you use a professional who understands the process and is expert in negotiating the best possible agreement for you. Book a free consultation with one of our friendly expert consultants by completing the form at the top right of this page or calling the number at the top-right of this page now.

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Note that your creditors are not required to sign a debt agreement with you. We have negotiated literally hundreds of debt agreements for people like you and know how to get results. So contact us now to see if you qualify.