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Cut Your Interest Expense Without Debt Consolidation

Is Debt Consolidation the Best Solution for You?

Are you finding it difficult to meet your repayments? Is your debt getting on top of you? Are you worried that if you leave things as they are you could find yourself getting deeper and deeper into trouble? What will you do if your family’s assets are wiped out to pay your debts?

It’s not Uncommon

Circumstances change and this can lead to higher interest rates, unexpected bills, higher levels of debt. We talk to hundreds of ordinary Aussie’s every week who have found themselves in financial difficulty, often due to unforeseen circumstances. These are not bad people. Often they have just been unlucky. So you are not alone.

Nothing You Try is Making a Difference

You have probably tried to cut back on your spending but it is not making a difference. You may have talked to your bank, but they want you to take out more products, perhaps debt consolidation too?

There could be a Way Out

Imagine waking up each day and not having to worry about creditors calling you to harass you for money. Imagine the feeling of reassurance when you know that you are on top of your financial situation? Wouldn’t this free your mind to perform better at work and to enjoy your family and social life? There are debt  solutions available to help you recover from debt:

  • Stop interest charges so that your repayments actually reduce your debt,
  • Only one easy payment to make each month, and
  • Reduce your monthly payments!

You don’t have to have a mortgage to reduce your debts. If you have a mortgage, we may be able to find a solution to help you. Alternatively of you have a number of small loans, we can help with that too. While banks want you to take out as many products with them as possible, we help you to simplify!

One option is a debt agreement. With this solution, we help you reach an agreement with your creditors. This can sometimes result in you having to pay back less than you owe and importantly every payment you make is reducing the amount owing (i.e. there’s no interest accruing).

Contact us today because you owe it to yourself and your loved ones!.

Let us Help Find a Debt Solution for You

Let us help you find the right solution for your needs.

What you will experience when you talk to one of our debt experts:

  • Friendly and understanding service from people who have dealt with hundreds of cases like yours. They will not be judgmental; they understand.
  • Support to find the very best loan consolidation solution for your specific needs. We have helped hundreds of people just like you to reduce their debts in this way.
  • You will feel back in control as you will have a clear plan to reduce your debt and make the most of your life. No more worries!

We can also help to stop your creditors from harassing you. Wouldn’t it be a relief to just be able to get on with your life without waiting for the next call from angry creditors? You are only minutes away from making this a reality.

Thank you so much for all your help over the last two weeks. The pressure is off and I feel that I am finally making progress. It is just great to feel alive again.

After struggling for months to pay my debts I finally realized that I had to do something. I felt ashamed that I had got myself into such a mess and I was embarrassed about admitting it to anyone. I visited your web site a few times before deciding to contact you. Ben was so understanding and really knew his stuff. I only wish I had done it sooner”
Graham (Queensland)

We have worked with thousands of people just like you to solve some very difficult financial situations. Our consultants are experts in solving debt problems and will work with you in a confidential, caring and understanding way. They have worked with people in every possible situation you can imagine and will use their expertise to help you too. Importantly, they are on your side!

Book Your Free Consultation With One of Our Debt Experts

Don’t let your situation get worse! The earlier we tackle your debt problems, the sooner we can get you back-on-track. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to start fixing the problem today. So take action and fill in the form above or call us immediately and let’s get your finances back on track.

Talk to one of our debt experts today

Ask us about the little known secret to getting your life back – Debt Negotiation!

NB: Declaring Bankruptcy does not provide loans. This information is provided for information purposes only.